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Holland House Furniture Retailers


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holland house furniture retailers – The Profitable

The Profitable Retailer: 56 surprisingly simple and effective lessons to boost your sales and profits
The Profitable Retailer: 56 surprisingly simple and effective lessons to boost your sales and profits
Earn more. Learn More. It’s that Easy. Attention retailers: Are you feeling a bit overworked and thinking you’re not nearly as profitable compared to the effort you’re putting in? While this book won’t get the carpet vacuumed or your orders put away, it will show you how to generate a higher cash return and help you achieve the success you do deserve. This is not another how-to retail book; there are plenty of those. There are no fancy theories or case studies here. Who running a store has time for that? Instead, this is a collection of fun and practical lessons written for retailers – by a retailer. They cover the crucial aspects of your business – strategy, marketing, customer service, operations, and employee relations. From them, you’ll learn how to: ·Instantly drive more traffic, more business, and more loyal customers through your door. ·Create a better ROI for your marketing and advertising dollars. ·Attract and retain the best staff possible. ·Get more cha-ching for your hard work. Learn more. Earn more. It’s that easy.

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Retailers' Delight

Retailers' Delight
I understand that when the sun sets a fiery red above a retail location, sales are about 20% higher the next day. It’s a fact! I present as evidence this ancient poem:

Red Sky in the Morning,
Poor sales are a’borning.
Red Sky at Night,
Retailers’ delight.

Taken in the parking lot of Woodman’s while the children were waiting in the car, I had an interesting time with this shot in post-production. I had to decide what to take out and what to leave. I decided that I really liked the lone lightpost in the foreground, but I removed the others because they distracted too much from the sky. I also had to decide how much of the signage to leave on the store. I tried taking everything out, but that left the lower right corner anchorless, so in the end I left the main logo, but took out the rest of the store’s signage. Despite all the photoshop work, I didn’t really need to touch the sky, it really did look like this, very striking, which is why I took a picture in a parking lot in the first place.

carpet retailer, Jaisalmer

carpet retailer, Jaisalmer
carpet retailer, Jaisalmer

holland house furniture retailers

The American Retailer: A 20 year journey with Walmart
“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be one of the FIRST women managers in the largest retail company in the world? This 20 year journey through the Wal-Mart corporation tells what it is like to dedicate yourself to a career that no woman has ever before mastered. All the while, being a mother, grandmother and maintaining a home and successful marriage. Working 60 to 80 hours weekly, becomes common place. The slippery ladder of success is clearly not an easy one, and that is ultimately clear to Sam Walton. He echoes his concerns about the treatment of women in his handwritten memo you will find enclosed. This is a realistic look in the truth about what it is like to work for the retail giant. The GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY.”